WFSAD's Activities: Connect

WFSAD is the only worldwide grassroots education, support and advocacy organization focusing on families of people with schizophrenia and allied disorders.

Connect: Creating a community of families and caregivers; fostering community-based, family-run organizations to ease isolation and reduce stress.

WFSAD reaches over 6,000 people each month through the website alone; we provide additional support to 1,000 people each year in our Global Support Program, and distribute our Newsletter to 465 individuals and organizations, who then distribute our work to their own members, reaching exponential amounts of people around the world. Our seven International Conferences have connected over 3,000 people from 25 countries, representing every continent. Our Mutual Exchange Symposiums bring together hundreds of families and health care professionals, instigating the development of community-based family self help; our network provides opportunity for ongoing, sustainable support and innovative ideas to overcome common issues. WFSAD’s role is to build new networks and connect people.