Global Support & Development


The program emphasizes the exchange of information and experience in the development and maintenance of family organizations. (This is also to ensure that the economically developed nations do not assume dominance of or control over "knowledge" about the way progress can be achieved). Many new groups have been established. Mutual Exchange visits have been made to numerous countries and reports of some of these are available in this section of our website.

Mutual Exchange educational packages and correspondence initiatives have enabled the continuing distribution of up-to-date support and education materials.

The majority of the families and family organizations we assist are led by the families themselves, often assisted by mental health professionals. They know that much of their suffering results from the ignorance and insensitivity of others. They want the World Fellowship to spearhead initiatives so that their efforts to provide a better life for those who are mentally ill will succeed. We, in turn, learn from their work and attempt to promote this work to mental health professionals, governments and those in authority. We advocate internationally for global justice and reasonable solutions to problems that at times seem insurmountable.

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