WFSAD's Quarterly Newsletter

For 19 years, the Quarterly Newsletter has served as a forum for discussion for mental healthcare professionals, families of people with mental illness, and family associations around the world. Each editions provides concise, timely reports on innovations, practical solutions to the challenges families are facing, and the latest research developments from every corner of the gobe. Each issue also includes book reviews, opinion pieces, member news and personal stories.

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Newsletter Archives:

1st Quarter 2009

Contents to follow.

4th Quarter 2008:

  1. The Rights of Families - A 3-part article with a major section by Anil Vartak, Chairman of the Schizophrenia Awareness organization in Pune, India.
  2. The AASHA Employment Project by Tanya Saieesh
  3. Family Members as Case Managers - Report of an Iranian Studyby Dr. Seyed Kazem Malakouti of ISIS
  4. The Tale of an Ambulance by Nirmala Srinivasan
  5. Social Cognition and Schizophrenia: What's Emotion Got to Do with it? by Diane C. Gooding
  6. Ian Falloon Memorial Award for Implementation of Family Work from report by Richard Daly in the Psychiatric News
  7. Hope House by Jess Mackintosh, South Africa
  8. Street Play Draws Public Interest by Namdev Gawas, Goa, India
  9. Assessments for Schizophrenia - a table from a booklet by the Schizophrenia Society of Canada
  10. News from Korea of Amendments to Mental Health Bill by Choon-Jin Kim, Korea National Assembly
  11. News anad Info in Brief - World Congress of Mental Health Athens September 2009; International Nournal now on Web; Letters from Uganda
  12. Order form: Families as Partners in Mental Health Care

3rd Quarter 2008:

  1. Transcultural Mental Health in a Changing World by Ellen Mercer
  2. Family/Community-Based Mental Health Care by Yezabnesh Tadessezafu
  3. News from Germany - BApK Gets Anti-Stigma Prize by Ursula Brand
  4. Ethics A small booklet put out by the Canadian Medical Association.
  5. Visit to WFMH Offices Staff of WFSAD meet with CEO Garrison and his staff.
  6. Films and Websites
  7. Autobiographical Plan on Bipolar Disorder Tell a Very Human Story by Beryl Allen, SABDA, South Africa
  8. National Newspaper Takes on Mental Illness Canada's Globe and Mail has Week-long MI Series: Breakdown.
  9. BOOK Estrogen Effects in Psychiatri Disorders by Niels Bergemann - Review
  10. Youth Services in Australia - Headspace Initiative - Report from Queensland Fellowship Newsletter.
  11. WFSAD Guidebook Reviewed by Prof. Helen Hermann
  12. A letter from Russia by Nellie Levina Chairman of New Choices
  13. Families as Partners in Mental Health Care - Purchase form

2nd Quarter 2008

  1. Important WFSAD News: WFSAD In Merger Discussions with World Federation for Mental Health
  2. Effects of Mental Health Law on Recovery from Severe Mental Illness Taming the Black Dog -by John E. Gray, PH.D. WFSAD Board Member
  3. Thinking Differently About Schizophrenia a report about Glutamate
  4. Update on the Investigational Antipsychotic Iloperideone by Andrew J. Cutler, M.D.
  5. Espressions - A poem by Anthony Reid
  6. Some Complexities: Mental Illnesses and Medication by Mona Wasow, Prof. of Social Work, University of Wisconsin
  7. Books - 1) Talk Ttherapy: Helping to Stay in touwh with Reality. 2) Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Diosrders Across the Lifespan
  8. How to Advocate for Policy Change Development By Trish Ruebottom
  9. WFSAD Survey: Changing the Name Schizophrenia. Results and Discussion
  10. Personal Story From Social Write-Off to Writer by Greg Bauder
  11. Stigma, Social Support and Recovery. Diane Froggatt, WFSAD Secretary is interviewed by Shauna Martine Graf, a Grade 12 Sociology student
  12. The Many roles of Carers' Support Groups by Hazel Ruane
  13. How I look after My Own Mental and Physical Health By Rosalind Smith
  14. Announcing WFSAD's New Guidebook Families as Partners in mental Health Care.

1st Quarter 2008:

  1. Which Road Shall we Take? The CATIE Study Results & the Influence of the Pharmaceutical Industry by Trish Ruebottom
  2. Taming the Black Dog - Living with Depression by Diane Froggatt & Trish Ruebottom
  3. Primary Care and Cultural Issues in Depression Excerpts from an article by Eve Bender
  4. Tips - Maintaining Wellness
  5. EUFAMI the Next 15 Years Interview with Kevin Jones CEO by Trish Ruebottom
  6. Personal Story: Schizophrenia, Wonderful and Terrifying by Stuart Baker-Brown
  7. Tribute: Professor Bisi Odejidi by Dr. Frank Njenga, President, African Association of Psychiatrists & Allied Professions
  8. Visiting Maher (mother's home) in India by Alina Brand
  9. Addressing Human Rights Violations in Argentina Summary of findings from a report by Mental Disability Rights International
  10. Humour and Strength Carry Author through Illness by Rob Simpson. Reviewed by Diane Froggatt
  11. Announcing WFSAD's Guidebook Families as Partners in Mental Health Care

4th Quarter 2007: Conference 2007

  1. Cover Story: Lighting the Path: Hope in Action by Radha Shankar & Gladys Okoth
  2. Recovery from Schizophrenia & the Role of the Families by Dr. Kim Mueser
  3. Schizophrenia - No Longer an Enigma by Dr. Robin Murray
  4. Bipolar Disorder: What You Need to Know by Dr. Glenda MacQueen
  5. Improving Brain Function for People with Schizophrenia by Dr. Esta Miran & Dr. Michael Miran
  6. The Needs of Families in Early Intervention by Dr. Grainne Fadden
  7. Antipsychotics 50 Years Later: What Have We Learned? by Dr. Gary Remington
  8. Transforming Systems of Care through Human Rights Investigations & Advocacy by Elizabeth Bauer
  9. Training Clinicians: New Perspectives by Dr. Margaret Leggatt
  10. Recovery: More than 'Symptom Reduction' by Chris Summerville
  11. Announcing WFSAD's New Guidebook

3rd Quarter 2007

  1. Cover Story: Getting Your Life Back - Part 2: The Concept of Recovery
  2. Book Review: Strategies to Address Stigma & Overcome Obstacles to Employment
  3. International Congress: Cognition & Remediation Among Focus at the International Congress on Schizophrenia Research
  4. Research: Examining the Impact of New Antipsychotics on Weight Gain & Diabetes; Physical Illness & Access to Medical Services in People with Schizophrenia
  5. WFSAD News: WFSAD's New Strategy
  6. Advocacy: Advocacy Goes Global
  7. Asian Forum: Gathering & Working as a Family
  8. Personal Story: Climbing the Mountain
  9. Regional News: Reason to Hope Family Training Update; ABRE in Brazil - Human Beings are Bigger than the Illness; Zenkaren Disbanded
  10. Tribute: Long Journey to a Good Day: The Triumph of Austin Mardon

2nd Quarter 2007

  1. Cover Story: Strength of the Family Movement: From Toronto to Nairobi, WFSAD Pilots Reason to Hope International Family Training
  2. Research: Interventions to Improve Adherence to Antipsychotic Medications; New Dopamine Brain Target Discovered: Potential Breakthrough for Schizophrenia Treatment
  3. Online: Report Warns Against Indiscriminate Use of the Internet
  4. International Survey: Your Help Needed, HSC News International and QALYity Project Survey
  5. Book Reviews: Better Days Lie Ahead, Schizophrenia Revealed: from Neurons to Social Interaction
  6. Feature Story: Tips: Developing a Crisis Plan
  7. Personal Story: That Ugly Hound
  8. Regional News: Update from Martinique; News from ACAPEF, Cordoba, Argentina
  9. Achievements: A Success Story from "Mother's Home" in India; SAMHSA Launches Searchable Database to Help in Prevention and Treatment

1st Quarter 2007

  1. Cover Story: Families and Mental Health: Progress in Moscow
  2. Research: Investigating the Genetics of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder - The Maudsley Family Psychosis Study
  3. Book Reviews: Schizophrenia: Help and Hope for Families; When a Parent is Mentally Ill: Focusing on a Teen's Perspective
  4. Personal Story: Birds of A Psychic Feather
  5. International Survey: Keeping Care Complete
  6. Tributes: The Legacy of Mr. Graham Louw; Dr. James Miles: Visionary and Agent for Change
  7. Regional News: Upcoming Meeting: Growth Factors and Psychiatric Disorders; "Exploring Madness" Film Wins Award; "One-Stop" Shop to Mental Health
  8. WFSAD News: Introducing Reason to Hope Family Training

4th Quarter 2006

  1. Cover Story: WFSAD 25th Anniversary Conference - Next September in Toronto: Lighting the Path - Hope in Action
  2. Feature: Perspectives on Stigma
  3. World News: World Health Organisation Essential Drug List Needs Updating; World Psychiatric Association Fosters New Collaborations; International Caregiver Survey Shows Serious Consequences of Treatment Disruption; 'Basic Needs' Raising Profile of Mental Health and Development
  4. WFSAD News: New Executive Director Appointed; Dr. Rosanna de Guzman Appointed to WFSAD Board; WFSAD Says Goodbye
  5. Regional News: Baltimore Conference on Family Inclusion in Mental Health Services; Dopamine Dysregulation Disorder; Joint Survey Conducted about Mental Health Care in Europe; Working with Families - Developing Caring Partnerships - March Conference in U.K.
  6. WFSAD Research Project: Family Caregivers as an Integral Part of Mental Health Services
  7. Personal Story: Remembering: Ian R.H. Falloon, DSc.
  8. WFSAD Support: Listening and Helping: The WFSAD Global Support Program
  9. Members Update: Rethink: Campaigns Against Mental Health Cuts and Champions Northern Ireland Suicide Prevention Strategy; News from Pune: Vocational Training Centre Opens
  10. Upcoming Events: Cardiff, Wales, UK - Schizophrenia Conference February 7, 2007; Nairobi, Kenya - World Psychiatric Association Regional Conference March 22-24, 2007; Tokyo - Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists October 30-November 2, 2008

3rd Quarter 2006

  1. Cover Story: Initiatives in Ethiopia
  2. Special Feature: Glimpses from the Asia Pacific Forum
  3. Rehabilitation: Practical Ideas for Rehabilitation
  4. Personal Story: A Mother's Story
  5. Regional News: Papal Indulgence Raises Awareness; Advocating for Early Treatment and Family Support
  6. Members Update: Uganda: Tree Planting & Picnic; Goa India: New Ambulance and Upcoming Workshop; Support Group Established in Martinique; ACMI: Lobbying for Laws and Rights of Persons with Mental Illness
  7. Expressions: The Mentally Ill Are Called Many Things...

2nd Quarter 2006

  1. Cover Story: Carer Assist - A New Opportunity for Carers
  2. Personal Story: Overcoming Isolation
  3. WFSAD News: WFSAD Asian Forum Appoints Steering Committee; Training College Prior to Conference; Preliminary Look at Conference 2007, Lighting the Path; Families as Partners in Care
  4. Feature: NAMI New York State Advocates for Systematic Services for Families
  5. News Digest: Atlas Documents Status of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Resources; New Website Aims to Increase Understanding of Schizophrenia
  6. Books: Coping with Schizophrenia; Discover the Road; Nine Lives - Personal Stories of Mental Illness
  7. Events: Nepal - Second International Conference of SAARC Psychiatric Federation; India - Law and Rights of Persons with Mental Illness
  8. Expressions: Loneliness
  9. Members Update: New Website for Schizophrenia Ireland; Overcoming Stigma in Nicaragua; Tanzania Increasing Awareness Making Connections; MFMI India Moves Head Office to Chennai; Bangladesh Newsletter

1st Quarter 2006

  1. Cover Story: Strengthening Families through Empowerment, WFSAD visits Peru, El Salvador & Costa Rica
  2. Personal Story: Tribute to a Brother: Jay Lawrence Johnson, 1953-2005
  3. Research: Drug Effectiveness, Adherence & the CATIE Study
  4. Regional News: Asian Report - Reflections on 2005 Visits
  5. Members Update: The Banyan Client Group Speak Up for Rights; Family Delegate Appointed to Indian Mental Health Committee; BApK - Family-Self-help Psychiatry of Germany celebrates 20th Anniversary; Progress in Uganda; Focus on Anti-Stigma in Bangladesh

4th Quarter 2005

  1. Cover Story: Getting Your Life Back
  2. Expressions: The Steelman
  3. News: 120 People Attend Opening of AASHA's Second Shop; Film Raises Awareness (India)
  4. Special Feature: "Navachetana", New Hope for Homeless Mentally Ill Women and Their Families in Ashadeep, India
  5. WFSAD Update: The Alianza Latina WFSAD; Guatemala Declaration
  6. Books & Booklets: Booklets for Children and Young People
  7. Care: Study Finds Little Advantage in New Schizophrenia Drugs
  8. Personal Story: A Place of Healing
  9. Education: Dr. Amador Talks about Insight
  10. Regional News: Carer Education in Ireland; SANE Australia Draws on "Dare to Care" to Advocate for Mentally Ill

3rd Quarter 2005

  1. Cover Story: Changing Roles in Family Support
  2. Special Feature: The Schizophrenia Patient Outcomes Research Team (PORT): Updated Treatment Recommendations 2003
  3. Education: Let Us Try and See
  4. Books & Booklets: U.K. "Partners in Care" Campaign Resources; Toolkit for Supported Employment
  5. News Digest: Consumers Enjoy the Healing Power of Gardening; New WHO Resources Book Addresses Inequalities for People with Mental Disorders; UK Advocate Calls for Better Discharge Planning and Follow-Up for Psychiatric Patients
  6. Personal Story: Sally's Story
  7. Member Update: The Forgotten Generation; News from Goa; Introducing APAMM - A Mental Illness Support Organization in Algiers; Wish List, Kadilkoy, Istanbul & Nairobi, Kenya; AASHA Opens 2nd Shop
  8. Expressions: The Family Bill of Rights and Not-so-Rights; The Rap
  9. WFSAD Update: Kudos for WFSAD Personnel; News from our Asian Secretary, Jim Crowe

2nd Quarter 2005

  1. Cover Story: Treatment and Care
  2. Education: Developing the habit of taking medication
  3. Special Feature: The American Psychiatric Association Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Schizophrenia
  4. Book Review: Cognitive Therapy of Schizophrenia
  5. Treatment/ Research: PORT Updated Treatment Recommendations 2004, Recommended antipsychotic dosage ranges for the treatment of schizophrenia; About the Cochrane Collaboration
  6. News: MDRI Film-Maker Protects People in Paraguay Psychiatric Hospital; Poor Adherence
  7. Personal Story: My Story
  8. Members Update: Schizophrenia Days in Morocco: Oumnia Sets the Pace; Anil Vartak Gets Award; Bangladesh Schizophrenia Association; Uganda Schizophrenia Fellowship; Hungarian Family Alliance: The Situation in Hungary
  9. Events

1st Quarter 2005

  1. Cover Story: The Power of the Family Movement: Sharing the Knowledge, Conference Report
  2. Thank You Letter: To Dr. Radha Shankar
  3. New WFSAD Board
  4. Feature: A historic day for young people with emerging psychosis and their families
  5. News & Research Digest: 'Too little' mental illness help in Europe; Child & Adolescent Mental Health Policies and Plans Module available from WHO; WHO Report on Neuroscience of psychoactive substance use and dependence; New Action Group Aims to Set Up Fund to Help Patients
  6. WFSAD Publications List
  7. Personal Stories: Being on Both Sides of the Fence; Getting Through School with Schizophrenia: Those are the Breaks; The Story of My Superman
  8. Events & Updates

3rd Quarter 2004

  1. Cover Story: Family support through self-help - the family movement's past and future
  2. Executive Director's Report
  3. WFSAD Updates: Comings and goings in the WFSAD office - more personnel updates; WFSAD represented in Moscow; Is it time for a WFSAD Asia-Pacific Council?
  4. Events
  5. Resources: Solving Problems and Achieving Goals, From Families as Partners in Care: Guide to Professionals Doing Family Work in Developing Countries
  6. Personal Story: Mount Schizophrenia to Base Camp Everest
  7. News & Research Digest: Funding boost for community-based mental health service in Ontario; Two-Way Communication Check List helps patients address their problems with their health care professionals; Updates from the World Health Organization - Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse
  8. Regional News: KSHEMA offers support to families in Bangalore, India; WFSAD President, Jim Crowe receives College Citation; USF investigates family coping mechanisms
  9. Books & Films: Recovered, not cured: A journey through Schizophrenia; People Say I'm Crazy: The real-life story of an artist's struggle with schizophrenia

1st Quarter 2004

  1. Cover Story: Does 'employment for all' include the mentally ill?
  2. Conference: WFSAD looks forward to seeing you in Chennai, India this coming November for our best conference ever, The Power of the Family Movement: Sharing the Knowledge
  3. Personal Story: Such an Experience
  4. Regional News: Silver Linings - From there to here, Schizophrenia Fellowship New Zealand Celebratory 25 Year Anniversary Conference; WFSAD and APEF Argentina to expand Hispanic bulletin; WFSAD to offer workshops in Moscow soon; Ypsilon's Laughing Night raises money for a hospital garden project; Folk Dancing in Istanbul, Turkey
  5. Feature: The Dream of Hope House
  6. News & Research Digest: WHO Mental Health Global Action Programme documents published; Withdrawal reactions for SSRIs; Cost of depression among adults in England 2000; WPA's International Guidelines for Diagnostic Assessment; New Imaging Technique Shows White Matter Changes in Early-Onset Schizophrenia; Embracing Traditional Healers
  7. Obituary: Philip Wilmot
  8. Book Reviews: A Working Life for People with Severe Mental Illness; Can I Catch It like a Cold? A Story to Help Children Understand a Parent's Depression
  9. Events

4th Quarter 2003

  1. Cover Story: Excerpts from WFSAD's Review of WHO draft Mental Health Global Action Programme (mhGAP) documents
  2. Mutual Exchange: A report on the Cross-Border Workshop held in Kenya in october 2003
  3. Recognition: Dr. Nirmala Srinivasan, Founding President of AMEND, Bangalore, receives Ashoka Foundation award
  4. Feature: good news story from Turning Point
  5. Regional News: Alianza Latina WFSAD showed that Lation American groups continue to work to support the global movement of families, friends and people with mental illness to alleviate the many problems associated with these conditions
  6. Reducing Stigma: Advice for the media
  7. Family Story: Should he be there? A mother talks of the trauma of visiting her mentally ill son in prison
  8. Success: A report on gainful employment for people recovering from mental illness - India
  9. Human Rights: 30 patients perish in a psychiatric hospital fire
  10. Book Review: Ann Alma's novel explores the journey of a young girl who has a mentally ill mother
  11. Events

1st Quarter 2003

  1. Cover Story: WHO Meeting of NGO's, WFSAD delegate Philip Wilmot reports
  2. Executive Director's Report
  3. Africa Training and Exchange, Uganda & South Africa
  4. News Digest: Pune Newsletter; APEF Website; Treating Mental Illness in Jamaica; Catesfam Booklet - Esquizofrenia Hoy; Rethink Battles Inadequate Mental Health Services
  5. One Year Since Erwadi
  6. Sri Lanka & Sahanaya
  7. Conference: WFSAD Fifth Biennial Conference, The Power of the Family Movement: Catalyst for Change
  8. The Face of Family Burden
  9. Dopamine & Glutamate System Genes in Schizophrenia
  10. Building Membership in Bangladesh
  11. Suicide Watch in Australia
  12. Books: The Professor and the Madman; Chance Place; Partnership or Pretence
  13. Calendar

4th Quarter 2002

  1. Cover Story: The Power of the Family Movement: Catalyst for Change, Kyoto Conference Brings Together 2,800 Delegates
  2. Latin American Families Meet to Discuss Common Goals, "Alianza Latina WFSAD" Formed in Guatemala; Guatemala Declaration
  3. National Federation for the Mentally Ill (India)
  4. Trying to Capture the Experience of Schizophrenia
  5. Another Beautiful Mind
  6. SANE Mental Health Report
  7. Woman Defies her Demons to Excel
  8. Stigma: Sony Play Station characters explicitly labelled as mentally ill; Surgeon General's Report on Mental Illness Revisited
  9. WFSAD Awards: Former WFSAD Presidents Honoured, Geraldine Marshall & Margaret Leggatt
  10. Medical Journals: Predictors of Risk; Study Shows Olanzapine Linked to Diabetes; Single Sex Psychiatric Services to Protect Women; What's Gender Got to Do with it? Treatment Incorporates Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  11. Outreach: Africa
  12. Calendar

3rd Quarter 2002

2nd Quarter 2002

1st Quarter 2002