The state which I couldn't understand for long
Once understood I always cursed it, abused it
Blamed it for all wrong to me
Tried to pretend that I never had it
Tried to hide that I ever had it
Perhaps I would have wasted
Rest of my life doing that
But now such a thing is no more
I have befriended it, accepted it as it is
And it will be part of my life
I understand that on no count I can blame it
Because it is the reality, it is the truth
Because it has stayed with me for a major part of my life
How can I be disrespectful to it
Now I have understood that it has subtly
Given me inspiration to fight back
Perhaps I might have lost the years and
The prizes on which world values you
But the state has given me an insight
Helping me to enjoy things wholly
I have deep faith that the "state" has
Perhaps a purpose in my life
To make my life more meaningful and purposeful
Hence I have no quarrel with the state
Rather full respect and friendliness
So I could live in complete peace and harmony.

By Anil Vartak
Pune, India