Accused of Witchcraft

Hi. My name is Jennifer and I was diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder 10 years ago. I was 19 when I was first diagnosed with schizophrenia, and was admitted to a mental institution. Life has been a battle for me since I was 17, but it has also been very good much of the time and I feel blessed about that. I believe that my faith in God is what has kept me going, and saved my life, and still does, as well as some wonderful friends in my life who motivate me and keep me going. I also know that medication is imperative to leading a normal productive life, and I thank God for it and for the doctors who understand.

When I was 21, I was very unwell, and my mother was beside herself trying to help, but she didn't believe in medication; so she was talking to one of her cousins who told my mother that I wasn't sick, but that I was possessed by demons. She came up from Detroit, USA to visit her family, and while she was visiting, she came over to my mom's house and tried to cast the demons out of me. She also said I wouldn't need medication anymore, so I listened to her and went off it. All that happened was that I became worse, and then everyone blamed it on me. I even jumped in the freezer downstairs to hide from them. They also looked through my room, and took all the things in my room that meant a lot to me, that they felt were given to me by relatives in my life who were involved in witchcraft, and burned them. I was upset about that, but I was too sick to even really care at that point.

Once I got back on my medication, I did feel a lot better again, and I went to college for the first time. I was very happy about that, and I did very well for quite a while.

It took me a long time to stop believing that I was evil or something, but I know now that I am not possessed by demons, and neither are other people who are plagued with mental illness. It's just a condition and people are ignorant, or they can't understand, because they haven't experienced what we have. Presently, I am going to college for upgrading, and I plan to take Early Childhood Education in September. I am doing great right now!

I would like to say to anyone who suffers from mental illness, and your families, and anyone else: don't be discouraged-God is always with you, even when He seems so far away; and do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. God loves YOU!

Love from a friend. P.S. Live one day at a time.