The World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders (WFSAD) is the only global grassroots organization dedicated to lightening the burden of schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses for sufferers and their families.

WFSAD strives to increase knowledge, understanding and compassion and reduce the fear, stigma, discrimination and abuse that accompany these difficult conditions. WFSAD and its member organizations focus on the humane treatment of people with schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses and on their primary care, which falls frequently upon the family, most often the parents, and can last a lifetime. There is need for housing, rehabilitation, recreation and a decent life for those battling these difficult conditions. It is estimated that some 40% of sufferers have no contact with formal mental health systems. Support, training and education is necessary for families and their sick loved-ones, who have an enormous and continuing burden to shoulder.

WFSAD Members and Associates provide direct services for people with schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses and their families; they run self-help groups; conduct workshops; produce educational materials; arrange conferences; advocate for better treatment and appropriate services; manage research funds and thus influence government policies. Our network grows constantly as an increasing number of families and members of the caring professions seek our help and support our cause.

Today, twenty-five national family organizations make up the Voting Membership and more than fifty smaller groups are associate members (view membership map). WFSAD has guided and helped thousands of people toward understanding and better management of schizophrenia and other similar disorders.

The global movement of families, friends and people with serious mental illness can, by working collectively and together with relevant international organizations, help to alleviate the many problems associated with these conditions. The World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders is a non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to this cause.

WFSAD was founded in Toronto in 1982 by representatives from several established national family organizations. It was incorporated in 1986 and received charitable status from Revenue Canada in 1987 (charity number 12086 0911 RR0001).

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