Our Values

We at the World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders believe in:

WFSAD strives to empower family members to become community leaders and agents of change, through international advocacy and education.

Developing appropriate skills means that the communities become more self-sufficient as they adapt the knowledge to their own needs. The successful establishment and continuation of family support associations in many parts of the world indicates the sustainability of our work.

Respect for Cultural Values
While WFSAD may have much to impart to families of the mentally ill and others who are building relationships with us, we too have much to learn. Work is carried out in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Working with families from all cultures through our "Mutual Exchange" program, we recognize that learning is a two way street.

Spreading the Word
Since the early 1990s WFSAD board and volunteers have made educational presentations in the form of workshops, seminars and training sessions all over the world. These programs have been welcomed by families affected by schizophrenia and allied disorders, and have provided the warmth, sincerity and knowledge necessary for learning to take place in this very difficult area of education. Our biennial conferences also provide an opportunity for family leaders to share experiences and learn from mental health professionals supportive of the family movement.

Going the Extra Mile
A hallmark of WFSAD work is its personal service and its expertise in the field it has carved out for itself. Whether it is working with a national member, a small organization, a new group or a single individual, WFSAD always tries to provide services or resources that meet the exact need in a timely manner. Members of the board are professionals in the management of schizophrenia in their home countries. Their direct involvement as "field workers", educating and disseminating this information abroad is an invaluable asset to getting things done.

Our Policies


The World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders (WFSAD) shall be free to seek financial support for the pursuit of its mission from any source. Reasonable care must be taken  to maintain the integrity of the organization, its personnel and its mission.

1.         The circumstances of the sponsorship or grant must be completely transparent.

2.         The WFSAD will advise the funder for what purpose the funds will be used.

3.         If the funder has directed the funds to a particular area of support, the WFSAD is obliged to follow these instructions.

4.         The WFSAD will advise the funder/ sponsor that the monies must be given freely with no strings attached.

5.         The WFSAD must be seen to be fair and equal to each sponsor.

6.         All resources acquired through donations and fundraising will be used for the pursuit of the goals of the WFSAD.

7.         All sponsorship of any WFSAD project or publication or event will be clearly identified.

8.         No sponsor is permitted to influence either the content or the distribution of any WFSAD publication or the nature of any project.

9.         No WFSAD project, event or publication may promote in any way a product or service associated with a sponsor.

10.            Approval must be given by the WFSAD board of directors for sponsorship of any project, event or publication, by any person or organization whose business consists (wholly or mainly) in the manufacture or supply, or in the provision of a service.

11.       The WFSAD will acknowledge sponsorships in an appropriate manner.

12.       The WFSAD and the granting body will consider entering into an agreement depending on the complexity, size and length of the sponsorship

13.       The WFSAD will do its best to see that no one donor dominates the income.

Approved by the board of directors 31 March, 1999

We are grateful for input from the following organizations in the preparation of this policy: APEF, Argentina; National Schizophrenia Fellowship, UK; Schizophrenia Ireland; Australian Council of Fellowships; SANE Australia;  SF New Zealand; World Federation for Mental Health.